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Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Patient Consultation: Provide free unbiased consultation from the world's Top doctors to families of children with complex heart condition. ​

  • Doctor Training: Enable doctors from India to learn skills from the world's best pediatric cardio-thoracic surgeons and cardiologists so that children living in India can get the best care. 

  • Medical Education: Provide scholarships to deserving scholars from economically weaker sections in India, for education in the field of medicine & science.

Our Vision

Every child with complex heart condition should have access to the world's leading heart specialists

Our Vision

What we do

We set up Saloni Heart Foundation as a conduit to connect parents or legal guardians of children with special hearts with some of the world’s top Cardiologists and Cardio-Thoracic surgeons. Our organization is committed to facilitating consultation with such physicians after all preliminary requirements are met by our applicants.

We believe Parents of children with special hearts are entitled to the best consultation in the world, to save their child's life

Our Team

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Milli Seth

Co-Founder & President

Himanshu Seth

Co-Founder & Treasurer

Ann Kumar

Vice President

Shilpa Dalmia


Shuchi Sarkar

Chair- Marketing & Awareness

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