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Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Patient Consultation: Provide free unbiased consultation from the world's Top doctors to families of children with complex heart condition. ​

  • Doctor Training: Enable doctors from India to learn skills from the world's best pediatric cardio-thoracic surgeons and cardiologists so that children living in India can get the best care. 

  • Medical Education: Provide scholarships to deserving scholars from economically weaker sections in India, for education in the field of medicine & science.

Our Vision

Every child with complex heart condition should have access to the world's leading heart specialists

Our Vision

About Us

We set up Saloni Heart Foundation as a conduit to connect parents or legal guardians of children with special hearts with some of the world’s top Cardiologists and Cardio-Thoracic surgeons. Our organization is committed to facilitating consultation with such physicians after all preliminary requirements are met by our applicants.

Saloni Heart Foundation 501(c)(3) non profit based in California, USA was formed in the memory of Saloni, our 13 year daughter born with CHD SHF's mission is inspired by Saloni's tenacious attitude, her dreams, and the lack of specialization for pediatric cardiac complex care in India, that led to Saloni’s untimely death. Saloni aspired to be a pediatric cardio thoracic surgeon just like her surgeon, Dr Mohan Reddy. SHF’s scholarship program is carrying her dream forward SHF provides full scholarship to children from economically weaker sections of India for their MBBS education.


Saloni was born with a stenosed aortic bicuspid valve that worsened after a botched up Ross procedure. With guidance from Dr P Venugopal (Ex Director, AIIMS), we reached Dr Mohan Reddy at Stanford Children's Hospital who saved her from certain death in 2011 when almost every doctor had given up on her. She lived an additional blissful seven years During our journey to save Saloni's life, we connected with some of the world's best Pediatric cardio thoracic surgeons cardiologists in the world. While we were fortunate to get her treated at Stanford Children's and UCSF Children's hospital, we believe that all parents should have access to world's best medical care for their children. Doctors on SHF advisory panel give free unbiased best in class second opinion so that parents and attending doctors in India can take the best course of treatment with the most skilled pediatric cardio thoracic surgeons. Our doctors guide them to the right treatment, right doctor and right hospital in India. SHF also enables doctors from India to discuss and exchange ideas with our team of doctors on their complex cases.


SHF engaged with PHFI (Public Health Foundation of India) to create and develop an information portal that provides guidance to parents and caregivers of children with heart disease. This online portal provides evidence based information on various aspects related to heart diseases in children and addresses frequently asked questions by parents/caregivers of children with heart disease.

We believe Parents of children with special hearts are entitled to the best consultation in the world, to save their child's life

Our Team

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Pawan Singh

Advisor to Board

Himanshu Seth

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Girish Badola


Milli Seth

Co-Founder & President

Shuchi Sarkar

Director Marketing

Sridhar Iyer

Advisor to Board

Muskan Seth

Youth Chair


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Advisor to Board

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Director Legal & Compliance

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Chief Development Officer

Meghna Sharma

IT Lead

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Director Medical 

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Director Saloni Heart Center

Dr. Abhishek Nanda

India Representative

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