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Saloni Heart to host candid conversation with Padma awardees on Socio Story

Socio Story is organizing India’s 1st online Storytelling event "Impact Stories by Padma Awardees" where inspiring Padma awardees & social change makers from India will participate to share about their journey of social development. This event is scheduled for 07th  June 2020, Saturday, 4:00 - 5:00 PM (India Time) 

We are honored to talk at the event "Impact Stories by Padma Awardees". We hope to make a difference  & encourage younger generation to create a larger impact on society. 

About Socio Story:

Socio Story is a high impact platform that celebrates the chronicles of the real-life heroes, who drive social change towards the betterment of the society,

We are on a mission to give a platform to all those champions who are making a difference in society yet remain unheard & unsung. 

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