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At Saloni Heart Foundation, our mission is to provide free unbiased consultation from the world's top doctors to families of children with a complex heart condition (Hole in the Heart, Congenital Heart Disease). We strive to connect parents of children with special hearts with the world's best Pediatric Cardiologists and Cardio-Thoracic surgeons. Parents can get free consultation from them to help decide the best course of treatment or surgery. If you have a child with a special heart and have any questions related to your child's cardiac condition, you can submit your request below along with your brief medical history. SHF team will process your request and notify the SHF advisory board. The doctors to review the case and provide consultation

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Get in Touch With World's Best

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Note: Our advisory board of doctors will give opinions on requests as soon as all clinical documentation has been received. Unless this is a medically urgent case, please allow a minimum of 7-14 days for a response.

Saloni Heart Foundation

Saloni Heart Foundation (SHF) is a non-profit organization solely funded by donor contributions. The services provided by SHF and participating physicians are free of charge. SHF will work to facilitate a second opinion by a participating leading pediatric cardiologist. The decision by participating parents or legal guardians to accept or reject the course of action prescribed by the SHF consulting physician is independent from the services provided by SHF herein. SHF acts as a conduit for these services and does not receive any compensation in any circumstances, including if parents or legal guardians retain the services of participating physicians.


Phone: +1-650-770-5000 (Whatsapp)

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Address: PO Box # 20414, San Jose, California, USA 95160 

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