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Being a parent to child with a special heart is not easy when there are so many health professionals talking about various surgical procedures you are not sure about. Saloni Heart Foundation will help you get best possible consultation from the world's leading Cardio Thoracic surgeons and Pediatric Cardiologists for your child. Importantly, we or the doctors on the advisory panel have no bias or fee. We are doing it to clean up the system


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Financial Support: Donate for scholarships to deserving children from economically weaker sections in India, for education in the field of medicine & science.



Pediatric Cardiologists/NP: Offer volunteer hours if you are a Cardiologist or a Cardio-Thoracic surgeon. Or just spread the word. Reach out to us and offer Ideas. Help us get the world's best medical consultation reaches children with complex heart conditions.

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Tax ID # 84-2417088 Pending 501(c)(3) clearance

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Tel: +1-650-206-8003

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